środa, 27 maja 2015

Why you should run…

                   Winter is definitely not good time for us. There is cold outside. It gets dark early and we are tired all the time. When spring is coming we have more energy and the world seems to be more beautiful.  Spring has also more advantages. A lot of people who do some sport, just love spring. During the winter they have to go to the gym, but it is not always comfortable. They have to pay, gyms are full of others people. Sometimes, there is no space to do some exercises and for that reason the best time to work out is spring!

                 The best form of working out is running. A lot of people hate running but they don’t pay attention to benefits of this type of sport. The best thing in running is that you can do something for your health and body and having fun. I won’t talk that you can lose weight because it’s obvious. I would like to focus on the way it influences on our health. 

                Firstly it’s good for your bones and heart. Running you clean your body and mind. It’s good if you work or study a lot because it’s reduces stress. Besides you feel stronger and you think more positive.

                           If you have no motivation, ask your friend. Maybe she or he would like to run with you. I think it’s very good idea. I was running with my friend Ania, we motivated each other and  we was laughing a lot…perhaps laugh didn’t help us to run more but anyway it was very good way to spend a little time together and having fun.  

wtorek, 19 maja 2015

Always adopt never buy…

                Today I would like to write about pet adoption. I love animals. I’m a big dogs lover. I can’t understand why people can be so cruel and abandon his pets on the street. When I see it I just think that sometimes a human can be like a monster. Animals have feelings too and for sure they suffer when someone harm them.

             I think that there are people who shouldn’t have pets. If someone doesn’t like dogs, just not ought to buy them for example only for children. A dog o cat like a gift it is not good idea. Some children want to have pet and then when they grow up, they don’t take care of their dog or cat. It’s really sad but it’s true. We can see how much dogs and cats live in animal sanctuary today. Unfortunately, it shows that more and more people desert their pets.
             Fortunately, there are people who adopt dogs and cats. In my opinion it’s better adopt than buy. There are a lot of dogs that need a human to be happy. We have to know that sometimes there are to many animals in shelters and that’s why there is no place for others dogs. For that reason, many times they have to put down the oldest dogs. It’ s vary sad. We have to do everything to save these animals. The one way to save them is just adopt them.

There are a lot of benefits of adopt animals.
1.      A dog can be your best friend,
2.      If you adopt an animal, you save a life,
3.      You won’t feel lonely anymore.

If you don’t want to have pets or you can’t adopt a dog or a cat, you can just support some shelters. You can bring some food, blankets or toys for animals. 

sobota, 2 maja 2015

Yoga !!!
                     As we know nowadays sport is the most popular way of spending time. Today a lot of people work out not only for pleasure, but also for their health. Sport is very good for us if we want to lose weight or we suffer from some diseases. According to some of resources it also has influence on our mind. We are more and more stressed. We have a lot of things to do during the day and sometimes it is to much for us. Sport is the best medicine. It reduces stress and working out we forget about our problems and everything that makes us feel upset.
             Yoga is sport which connects all the benefits. If you don’t know which sport chose, you should chose yoga! Why? Because it is the best for you, your mind and body. Let’s see benefits of Yoga.

1.      They say that if you do yoga, your life is longer,
2.      It cleans your body and mind,
3.      It makes you happy,
4.      It is recommended to expectant mothers. It relieves delivery pain and helps back to form.
5.      It reduces stress and for that reason it is good for your heart.

There are only a few benefits of Yoga. Undoubtedly there are more. After reading about Yoga I’d like to go to Yoga class. I hope you too!

czwartek, 23 kwietnia 2015

Keep calm and speak…Polish

                  Today I would like to show you the video I found few days ago. This short video shows how difficult our language is. I used to think that English is difficult and when I was studying French it was like mission impossible, but when I saw this I realized that I’m a lucky because I’m Polish J  
               Polish people sometimes wonder why nobody wants to study Polish. The answer is easy. It is the most difficult language in the world and there is no country in the world where you can speak Polish (except of  Poland of course J)
               However, I know some foreigners who speak Polish and they do this very good, but some of sounds are still a big problem for them. Many times, my spanish friends have fun when I speak Polish, because as they say “Polish sounds like a broken-down radio”, because of sounds like ‘sz’ or ‘cz’. I have to say that I have fun when they try to repeat something in Polish.

             In this video we can see how difficult Polish is for Americans. They repeat the names of polish cities and it so funny. I was laughing a lot seeing this.  I think the form of pronounce  “Rzeszów” is the best one !!!
And which one do you like most??

We have to study English if we want to go to Unites States. As you can see if you know only Polish and you live in America, you won’t survive there! :)

niedziela, 12 kwietnia 2015

How many languages do you speak?
                    Have you ever though that you can speak every foreign language that you imagine? If someone speaks a lot of foreign languages, it seems that this person has a talent or it’s just a hard work? A lot of people say that if you want speak fluently any language you should just pay attention to this one language, improve grammar and pronunciation. Only in this way you can master one language and become an expert.
                    A little time ago I read about a boy who knows nine languages. I thought that it can’t be true…but yes! This guy really speaks nine languages. Matthew Youlden is a British who speaks fluently nine foreign languages and understands many more. If you think how is it possible, Matthew gives you some advices.
1.      You have to know why do you want to learn some languages and motive yourself,
2.      You should know culture, listen to music, write and even speak with yourself in language, which you want to know,
3.      Find a partner! It’s very important to have someone who could help you. You can speak with your partner or be motivated by him.
4.      If you study some foreign language, use it! Look for situations in which you could speak, write or read in your favorite language.
5.      Be like a child. Make mistakes! Don’t be afraid of speaking incorrectly. In this way, you learn more.
6.       Listen, listen, listen! Before you start to speak just listen to other people. Every language sounds strange at the first time. If you listen a lot some language, it’s sounds just normal.

I think that there are so much more ways to learn foreign languages, but Matthew’s advices are very useful for every student. In this way he started to speak Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, French, German, Hebrew…anyway he speaks Irish and of course English.

Which one of these advices do you like most? I think that speaking to yourself could be quite interesting J

In this link you can hear how Matthew speaks nine languages. I think he's great! I'm so jealous.! :D
Tell me what do you think about studying languages!

środa, 25 marca 2015

Your best friend micro pig J.
                 Today I would like to write something about micro pigs. Have you ever thought that a pig can be your pet? It sounds crazy but it is true. One day I found an interesting page on the internet. The page was about miniature pigs. I read a little bit more and I was very surprised. A pig can be like a dog?! I thought it “can’t be possible”! But yes! It can be like a dog, cat or any other pet. It can be your best friend and companion of your life.

                Nowadays, a micro pig is very popular. Now many people on over the world breed miniature pigs. A lot of people buy it more than dogs. These pigs are so popular in USA and Mexico where people are in love with it. They treat it like a normal pet. The pig lives with its owner and it’s like a puppy.

There are a lot of advantages of having this little pig:

1. You don’t  feel lonely,
2. A pig is like a dog,
3. It learns quickly,
4. It’ s very friendly and sociable
5. It ‘s very funny
6. It reacts to its name
7. It’s vegetarian ( so maybe you won’t be carnivore anymore :D)
8.  You can teach it many tricks

I think they are so cute. I would like to have one but frankly speaking I prefer dogs. Besides, I don’t think my parents would let me have one in my room. While I live with them, I have to be obedient to them. :P


Turn! sit down! As we can see this micro pig from Mexico already knows a lot of tricks :D 

czwartek, 19 marca 2015


Say no to bullfighting!!!

                     I think every student of Spanish loves spanish or latin-american culture…and of course me too. Before studying Spanish I didn’t know a lot about Spain and culture. I think that Spain is amazing country. You can find there a lot of beautiful cities, places, beaches and very good food. There’ s no doubt that everybody could find something good there. Spanish culture is something I really like. I love this typical music and dance like for example flamenco. 
             After my first visit in Spain I can say that I love everything about this country…or almost everything. There is one thing that I hate…and it is bullfight. I love animals…I doesn’t matter if it’s a pet or a wild animal..I love every animal and I’m a huge enemy of killing animals.

                I still remember the first time when I went to see bullfight. I was with my friends and they dicided to go there. I said that I don’t like see something like that and I’m so sorry for these bulls. My friends explained me that it’s a part of their culture and it’s something normal in many parts of Spain. I went there and after the first bull’s death I was shocked. I think I was the one person who wanted to cry in these moment. The bull which is enormous animal, just seemed to be so small. In fact not only bulls can die during bullfighting. Many times bullfighter is injured but usually the huge bull has no chance. Undoubtedly this show is dangerous for people and for animals.
                I respect every culture but killing an animals and having fun for this reason it’s just cruel. It’s just my opinion. I don’t like when people saying that killing animals it’s normal. Ok, I know that we eat meat and we have to kill animals to survive so we can justify it. Killing and having fun it’s not good combination.

                For sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t like this type of performance. Many organizations are against bullfighting. Spain and the rest of the world try to fight with the torture of bulls during this famous spanish show that’s why there are many protest. 

                     Fortunately the bullfights are forbidden in many cities in Spain. I know that Catalonia is one of the region where it’s impossible to see bullfights. I’m so happy every time when I read something like that.  

             Right now I know that it was the first and the last time when I went to see a bullfight. I hope that this show will be forbidden soon in whole Spain and others countries.

And you? what do you think about bullfights? Do you think it's culture or just torture?